BC House Insider’s Mission

Our mission is simple, to provide a classic, realistic strategy for purchasing real estate that protects the buyer.  We base our advice on the past, present and the future and use sensible criteria when evaluating a property.

The real estate market in BC finally appears to be slowly moderating in 2018 due to tighter mortgage rules, rising interesting rates, the foreign buyers tax and uncertainty from both locals and foreign purchasers.  Some agents still advise to jump right in to any property “because the price might double soon”, while this may true but the Metro Vancouver area has already been identified as hot and overvalued.  Such a statement from an agent is what mires the image of the honest agents.

We are advocating and suggesting to home buyers that they shouldn’t just by the first property the find for fear of missing out or being priced out of the market.  If you are going to buy, make sure you are getting value for your money in terms of the size of the property and land.

We believe in buying how they do in the US or how our parents in the 80’s and 90’s purchased.  They didn’t just rush into the first property and they were picky with their money and wanted the most for their value.  Today, it is more important than ever to consider value for your money and how much is the property overvalued?  In a hot market today, the fundamentals have been thrown out, but as with anything, all markets eventually fall and do not constantly rise without a sharp correction.  Vancouver, is long overdue for a sharp correction because the income of locals makes it nearly impossible to purchase a home at current prices.

So if you do go in, you should try to future proof as much as possible.  This means buying in the best neighborhood possible, in a convenient neighborhood and a property with the most land possible.