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Click on the video above for a 1 minute overview on why to hire the Juice team. CEO Juice ONLY works with copier dealers running eAutomate software, we are industry experts and we share best practices learned from working only in this industry and from the 85% of large copier dealers who use us. We offer a month to month contract and the option to cancel in the 1st 60 days and get a refund. Our monthly fee includes all our processes, pricing details linked in the video.

Other Nutritional Facs

How we do it: We start by installing software on your server, then test your database for the problems we typically see, things like unbilled revenue. Then we meet online to review those results and talk about the processes to start with, after that meeting we send our 1st invoice.

Three parts to our service: (1) The easy piece for us is reporting, exception reporting mainly, so telling you things like when a contract starts to lose money or a customer is using too much toner. (2) Where we spend our time is ensuring that data is accurate, you say I don’t understand how this contract is using too much toner, we log in to your system and PROVE the numbers. (3) Finally, the 3rd piece is sharing Best Practices.

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Without seeing your data we can’t say exactly how we can help, but we make it very easy to try us out.

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The rate to hire the Juice team runs from $500 per month to $2,500 based on the size of your dealership. Less than any assistant you can find and you can fire us anytime without notice if we are not performing.

What are you waiting for? Take the first steps to a healthier/happier business today. Call us at (858) 324 4776 or email