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Web Mapping Applications

We design, build and maintain web mapping applications that leverage interactive and informative cartographic maps. We blend GIS, Consumer Mapping, Location Services and Business Systems when creating geographic data presentation apps that support business analysis, communication and decisions.

Spatial IT Consulting

We will help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of location services, geographic technologies, and map data visualization tools and platforms to help you understand what will work for your organization. We can review your systems, business processes, assets and challenges, and recommend mapping systems designed to suit. NBT Solutions has a strong reputation as a true partner to our clients - we listen effectively and provide carefully crafted expert technical advice.


We have decades of cross-platform GIS experience and can help you with mapping assessment, geographic data development, GIS workflows and management, geocoding, GPS field work, and more. We can be your outsourced GIS shop, lend a hand to internal GIS operations, or combine the two in a hybrid support role. We are expert in geographic analysis and reporting, and we can push your maps online and mobile.

Cloud-based Geoservices

  • Geocoding
  • List Enhancement
  • Address validation & standardization
  • Geo-append
  • Routing
  • Point-in-poly services
  • Geo-filtered search
  • Geo-fencing
  • Map tiling

Every organization has mapping needs. Talk to the experts at NBT about yours!

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Seeking Talented Applicants

NBT Solutions is always open to hearing from talented professionals interested in joining our team. While we may or may not have any specific jobs currently advertised or open, if you think you have the right superpowers to come grow with us we want to talk. Please start by contacting us via hr@nbtsolutions.com.

Current Jobs

Are you interested in building the next generation of interactive web mapping applications? NBT Solutions is looking for a Geospatial Developer who has a passion for developing high quality, open source web mapping applications.

This is a web applications developer job ripe for someone with solid programming skills and exposure to leading edge open source mapping applications and their foundations.

NBT Solutions is a 'Spatial IT' company with offices in Portland, ME and Buffalo, NY who builds custom mapping applications for a variety of clients including non-profits, government, and private companies.

In addition to delivering awesome projects to a portfolio of interesting clients, NBT is developing its own Software-as-a-Service mapping platform, VETRO FiberMap™. We are helping build the next generation of broadband services by building map-based tools that will help ISPs plan and maintain these new fiber networks.

We'd like to see an undergraduate degree in Computer Science or Geography, but if you attended a coding bootcamp, we would love to talk with you. This is a mid-level to senior-level position with a big upside for career growth for the right person. You will likely be a key contributor on a small team with growing responsibilites over time. Come take yourself and NBT Solutions to the next level.

Important Skills Include:

  • HTML & CSS
  • Git & GitHub
  • JavaScript for large applications
  • Framework usage (eg. Angular)
  • Ability to read GeoJSON

If NBT Solutions interests you, please reach out. We are looking for the best candidates for multiple jobs over the next 12 to 18 months starting with an immediate front end developer hire. For this position we will talk to the right candidates at all stages of career - entry, mid, and advanced. Salary commensurate with experience. Full benefits.

To Apply:

Please send the following to hr@nbtsolutions.com:
  1. A note describing why you are interested in working at NBT Solutions
  2. Resume
  3. Examples of your work, URLs, LinkedIn, GitHub, code samples, or whatever medium communicates your work best
  4. References

We’re looking for a passionate senior software engineer to bring their experience to a young, growing team working on a scalable, geospatial mapping SaaS platform that will transform the way utilities plan and operate their local and global broadband networks.

The platform is VETRO FiberMap and it is being adopted across the country and internationally by small and mid-sized ISPs and others deploying fiber optic networks. More on the platform at (973) 927-2320. NBT Solutions is at the tailing end of a transformation from 10 years as a successful professional services company to our new product-first orientation. We’ve recently hired sales, marketing, and support staff and we are all in on bringing this platform to market.

Our software engineers use a variety of languages, libraries, frameworks, and technologies to build specialty solutions. They are always working collaboratively, learning along the way, and finding that fine line between cutting edge and proven techniques. We come from a GIS and mapping applications background, and focus our energy on map-based solutions using best fit geospatial libraries to get our work done. We are deeply involved in Open Source geospatial (FOSS4G); technology, community, and philosophy. Don’t worry if you haven’t worked with these kinds of tools before. If you come to us with aptitude, curiosity, and a hunger for learning about map-based applications we will show you the rest.

As a company, we are very customer oriented - it’s part of our DNA and is manifested in the way we focus on UX/UI detail, listen to our customers, and provide strong customer support. We are an agile organization that includes everyone on the team in the agile approach and process – the developers, the UX designers, GIS Specialists, and the product owners. Everyone is involved, provides input, and works together to deliver a world class SaaS product experience.

You Will:

  • Participate in agile team activities, including: Story writing, planning, estimation, daily standups
  • Lead team discussions with product owner and technical team to plan solutions to customer problems
  • Lead design and implementation of releases
  • Help lead the development of standards and the overall technical direction of team
  • Do what is necessary to ensure successful continuous improvement and seamless product delivery
  • Diagnose and solve production issues
  • Provide and receive critique on design and development decisions
  • Provide regular and consistent mentoring to other developers along with both process and technical leadership
  • Participate in devops, deployment, and hosting conversations and decisions
  • Play a leaderhip role in Application Architecture, Code Quality Assurance, and Scaling
  • Author new features by actively writing original code

Important Skills Include:

  • Knowledge of how to build and support scalable web applications
  • Demonstrated fluency in Node.js and Python
  • Demonstrated fluency in core web technologies (HTML/CSS/JS) and contemporary front end frameworks like AngularJS and Polymer
  • Excitement about working with a small, collaborative team on meaningful projects
  • Proficiency in a variety of database technologies, ideally including PostgreSQL/PostGIS
  • Aptitude for creating and supporting API services

Beneficial Skills Include:

  • Experience with open source and/or commercial geospatial toolkits like OpenLayers, Leaflet, Turf, MapboxGL, PostGIS, CARTO, ArcGIS, and GoogleMaps
  • Experience with D3
  • Experience with mobile apps (iOS, Android or React Native)
  • Experience scaling applications within AWS
  • Experience in a growing SaaS startup environment with an all hands on deck attitude and a passion for getting the job done

The NBT Solutions office is in downtown Portland, Maine in Monument Square. We maintain a casual office environment in an open concept layout. There is a bottomless stash of local Coffee by Design coffee. We are in the middle of a growing pack of bars, restaurants and new apartments, and shops between the West End and the Arts district. The team participates in local tech meetups and the startup community, social activities & events, and more...we encourage a work life balance that includes personal and professional development and community engagement.

Portland may be a small city, but technology (and other) employment opportunities are plentiful in a thriving and growing segment of the local economy. More on the city and the area can be found at www.portlandmaine.com/.

Compensation based on experience. Full benefits package. Equity options possible.

To Apply:

Please send the following to 7342402926:
  1. A note describing why you are interested in working at NBT Solutions
  2. Resume
  3. Examples of your work, URLs, LinkedIn, GitHub, code samples, or whatever medium communicates your work best
  4. References

Position has been filled

Similar positions will be posted in the future and highly qualified candidates are welcome to apply at any time.

We are looking for a GIS Analyst to execute on a growing workload of geodata creation and conversion projects. Yes this may mean some digitizing, but it also means a whole lot of problem solving and mastering the transcription and conversion of inbound source data into meaningful map-based information. The data sources vary. They can be scanned engineering drawings, CAD files, GIS files, Spatial Databases, Google Earth files...you get the picture.

This is a unique opportunity...we want someone who is going to come in and operate at times as a solo GIS department, at times with some data crunching support staff, at times serving GeoDevelopers. You need to be confident and very comfortable in any number of desktop GIS worlds, be able to take a data puzzle under the gun and stick with it until it is solved. And then be willing to document the process and return to perfect and automate it. You should be highly organized, able to recognize patterns in messy data, and love to learn new tech. SQL Queries should be familiar at least. You need to like to talk to clients...and colleagues who are developers. You like to network and be engaged in a professional community both online and in person. You love being part of a small team and don't mind the variety of demands that pop up. You offer ideas and constructively criticize and challenge peers without being confrontational. You have a great sense of humor. You are curious and capable around amazon servers and map services and databases. You are as happy digitizing fiber networks as you are doing 'spatial analysis'...and OK with being a go to data processing expert for data cleansing, geocoding, standardization spatial append, etc. This is not production line work - you have to figure out process and take projects start to finish - sometimes new ones every week. Oh, and you like making maps, both static and interactive - cartography counts.We'd like to see at least an undergraduate degree in Geography/GIS, ideally some scripting and database exposure, and 3 to 5 years of professional experience. This is a mid-level position with a very big upside for career growth for the right person. You will be a key contributor on a small team with growing responsibilities over time. Come take yourself and NBT Solutions to the next level.

Job Duties May Include:

  • Geospatial data compilation, development, and conversion projects
  • Implementing QA procedures
  • Designing and executing field data collection projects as needed
  • Interacting with clients
  • Designing and implementing Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) workflows
  • Geocoding
  • Database schema design and data normalization to support data maintenance and application requirements
  • Editing geospatial data sets in PostgreSQL/PostGIS using QGIS, ArcGIS Desktop, or MapInfo
  • Contributing to our application development team by preparing data and services for web mapping applications

Ideal Candidates Will Have Experience With:

  • Utilities data management, especially telecommunications
  • Use of mobile data collection tools/platforms
  • ETL using FME or similar
  • Creative applications of GIS for business
  • Proven ability to work independently and to be a team player in a small company environment
  • Database skills including relational schema design and SQL fluency
  • Desktop GIS tool mastery; QGIS, MapInfo Pro, or ArcGIS
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Position has been filled

Similar positions will be posted in the future and highly qualified candidates are welcome to apply at any time.

The Marketing Programs Coordinator is responsible for the execution of marketing programs at NBT Solutions, specifically focusing on the launch and growth of the VETRO FiberMap™ product. This position reports to the CEO and works closely with the Management Advisor for Sales and Marketing.

The successful candidate will have a solid understanding of marketing and have the drive and desire to continuously develop and improve skills in all phases of marketing. Solid writing and interpersonal communication skills are a must. Skills with graphical and layout applications are a plus. Knowledge of social media, CRM, and sales database tools are also important. Prior experience in marketing communications, media relations, or sales administration are required.

Job Duties May Include:

  • Maintaining and expanding key company databases including sales funnel and mailing lists
  • Managing inbound marketing programs including social media
  • Developing and placing content such as blog posts, newsletters, and online comments
  • Coordinating trade show and event pre- and post-planning and logistics
  • Setup and attendance of trade show events if and when appropriate
  • Assisting in the creation and maintenance of all collateral material in print and electronic forms
  • Seeking speaker placement and thought leadership opportunities for the founders and key personnel
  • Establishing and maintaining contact with key media figures in the industry and distributing media releases and content directly
  • Coordinating webinars and other online events
  • Tracking and reporting on key metrics including online traffic, sales funnel variables, and lead generation data
  • Managing the placement of promotional material in journals, online, and in trade show documents
  • Developing and managing the e-newsletter
  • Maximizing promotional exposure through technical partners and partner channels
  • Preparing and refining presentation materials and graphics for sales and marketing use
  • Coordinating and managing outside vendor projects as needed for development of marketing materials
  • Supporting sales with logistics, materials, and information in a close working-relationship
  • Coordinating projects with customers for testimonial and reference account support
  • Conducting market research projects in coordination with the Marketing Advisor and CXO

Position has been filled

Similar positions will be posted in the future and highly qualified candidates are welcome to apply at any time.

NBT Solutions is looking for an energetic and well prepared Technical Sales Lead to help us expand our VETRO FiberMap™ market penetration. VETRO FiberMap™ is enabling ISPs and others building broadband infrastructure to plan, build and manage fiber networks with unprecedented ease and efficiency. It provides a complete toolset; From Strategy to Splice ℠.

We are a growing team of software developers and GIS experts developing custom mapping applications for wireline and wireless telco clients. After 10 years of success, we recently launched a game-changing broadband network mapping SaaS platform used by a growing number of small and mid-sized ISP customers. We are in search of the perfect fit sales professional to join our team and grow the customer base at a rapid clip.

We need a relentless sales pro to help our team turn leads into trials into users. It’s a combination of inside and outside sales with plenty of support and cooperation from tech support and the executive team. Establish the relationship, identify the business needs and technical fit, and reap the benefits of a great product that fits the market like a glove. Initial customers tend to adopt and expand rapidly once they get to know the product and the team. This is a rare opportunity for the right candidate.

Job Duties May Include:

  • Working out target list relentlessly to get an audience with users and decision-makers
  • Performing web-based technical demos (as frequently as daily); knowing the platform inside and out; anticipating customer areas of focus while highlighting the value and feature sets of interest to them
  • Tracking and following up on opportunities in a professional way and being able to work on a business-to-business process with maturity and class
  • Representing the company and product at national and regional trade shows (as frequently as monthly)
  • Cultivating relationships and standing in several key technical networks
  • ALWAYS behaving ethically, fairly, honestly, and with integrity; doing the right thing by the customer
  • Being a deeply-integrated team player by working seamlessly with management, customer support, and the marketing and product teams
  • Communicating well on technical and business matters both internally and externally, including the sales cycle, technical issues, and customer attitudes
  • Being entrepreneurial, resilient, and effective at closing sales and improving the process
  • Maintaining a great sense of humor and contributing positively to the team environment and company culture
  • Working closely with a marketing colleague and the CMO as well as reporting to the CEO

What Is Expected:

  • College degree and business-to-business sales experience or training
  • Solid understanding of telecommunications, broadband, and fiber optic networks as well as the business of ISPs or relevant history and a clear path to quickly learning this space
  • Some knowledge of mapping, GIS, and geo-technologies
  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • Readiness to help take an emerging business quickly from 2nd gear to 5th gear by driving growth through your success
  • Knowledge of CRM tools and ability to communicate the sales situation to the management team at any moment

This position is in fantastic Portland, ME. Compensation will be based on experience and will include a base plus performance pay. Excellent benefits and a real growth opportunity for the right candidate.


Cutting edge cloud-based SaaS platform for ISPs building and managing fiber optic networks