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I'm an IT specialist with broad experience in development, system administration and integration. Also I use my knowledge and skills in the information security field. My current focus is development operations.

Let's do DevOps :)


Amazon Web Service infrastructure work. Any complexity.


Setup and configure infrastructure monitoring.


Infrastructure automation. Infrastructure as Code projects. Terraform & CloudFormation.


Configuration management. Playbook creation (Ansible).


Migrate your application to cloud. Make it highly available and scalable.

Audit & Assesment

Review your infrastructure. Highlight problems and misconfigurations. Propose cure and remediation.


Building, maintaining fixing continuous integration\delivery process. Build and test automation. Static and dynamic code analyzing. Pentest automation.

Work Experience

FreeLance and Contract DevOps - (859) 684-2143 (2017-Present)

The creation and maintenance of AWS infrastructure, migration, automation

Network Infrastructure Audit, Assessment and Assurance Services

Docker image work and deployments

Jenkins CI\CD projects

Terraform (scripts, infrastructure work)

Senior Specialist - (508) 213-0078 (2009-2017)

Protected systems development.

Design, research, development and support of communication hardware monitoring systems.

Cross-platform facility setup and support (Windows\Linux\Postgres\MSSQL).

Test environment support (source code maintanence, parts integration, git, svn, deploy).

GITHub Profile

Here is my contribution to the public domain, feel free to use. If there are any issues - let me know.

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  • Ansible playbooks
  • Docker images
  • Jenkins pipelines