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Chartbeat Advertising
Chartbeat has a big idea: replacing the impression-based model of digital advertising with the ammount of time a user's engaged while an ad is in view. Over the past two years we've built the Chartbeat Ads product, a suite of tools for this new currency. As design lead, I work with product managers to refine ideas into interfaces and build them out with the front-end team.
2013-14 Design lead, UX, implementing style
Alex CarusilloProduct lead
David van DokkumProduct
Josh SchwartzData Scientist
Harry WolffFront-End Engineer
Danny BowmanFront-End Engineer
Jem YoungFront-End Engineer
Nº1 Delivery dashboard has two uses: for ad-ops to monitor the pace of campaigns at their desk, and to be cool enough to put on TVs in customer's offices. Nº2 A tool for exploring inventory combinations through a set of cards.
Nº3 Detail of the Wrap Report view. A tool for sharing results of campaigns with advertisers. A challenge to display data simply but also grab attention. Nº4 Detail of the (internally-named) iceberg graph, a viz to show a campaign's distibution of premium, standard, and non-viewable impressions vs internet average.
Nº5 Sampling of screens Nº6 UI components. Color chips for the four depth levels (think Material, but simpler), button and form elements, and various feature, metric, and utility icons.
Fantasy Baseball Draft
The best part of a fantasy draft, aside from cracking jokes with old college friends over Skype, is the art of team building. Each manager has their own perceived proprietary method for evaluating players, and executing that strategy drives the frantic scanning of Baseball-Reference player profiles as players come flying off the board. As a design exercise I created an interface to aid fantasy managers during the draft by constructing a recipe for their ideal team.
2012 Design, strategy
(704) 334-2402
Adam ClarksonFellow Fantasy Manager & Mentor
Nº1 Visual ranking system to help identify areas of depth and scarcity by placing players on a baseball diamond. Nº2 Input method for developing a draft strategy. Managers establish player rankings by selecting their categorical preferences.
Hewlett Foundation Grants
This tool explores grants over 3 categories: dollars, region, and type. Bean plots were suggested as a visualization to quite literally see the differing shapes of the categories distributions. The beans excel at accentuating outliers and applying filters intuitively stretches and squishes the data. However, the wide scale in values didn't really fit the viz, it was easy to render the beans unsuitably thin. A valuable lesson in finding the appropriate viz, no matter how traditional, this project was completed as a heat map.
2012 at Periscopic Design lead
Dino CitraroProject & Strategy lead
Kim ReesData lead
Brett JohnsonTechnical lead
Nº1 Individual values are expressed as tick marks on a vertical axis, while the underlying smoothed bean shape represents the number of grants at that value. Nº2 Investigating individual grants
Visualize Yahoo
In 2011 Yahoo was looking to promote it's platform through visualizations of their core technology. The projects went through several months of iterations, working with large and shifting marketing and technology teams. The project launches were widely publicized by Yahoo, always a cool thing to show to your Mom.
2011 at 262-313-7738 Design lead
Dino CitraroProject & Strategy lead
Kim ReesData lead
Brett JohnsonTechnical lead
Nº1 A tool to emulate the audience demographic combinations behind's content recommendation engine. The view is optimized for iPad demonstrations at tech events, for users to see what Yahoo's main content widget displays in real-time.
Nº2 Detail of an infographic using flying cross-country as a metaphor for Yahoo's improved click-through rate. Nº3 Yahoo infographic detail.
Nº4 Detail from a paralax site promoting Yahoo's contributons to Hadoop. Nº5 Detail from a paralax site promoting Yahoo's contributons to Hadoop.
Nº6 Detail from a paralax site promoting Yahoo's contributons to Hadoop.
GE Breast Cancer
A visualization of Twitter conversations on breast cancer for GE's Healthymagination project. The project hopes to connect those interested in breast cancer with trending stories, research, and personal narratives.
2011 at itinerate Design lead
Dino CitraroProject & Strategy lead
Kim ReesData lead
(504) 813-3394
Zach KrausnickTechnical lead
Nº1 Tweets are scaled by number of retweets, and color-coded based on topic filters.
Nº2 Detail of people filter, grouping tweets by influential users. Nº3 Detail of story filter, highlighting most linked stories.
Various work, mainly for marketing or self-promotion, while at Chartbeat and Periscopic.
2011-13 Periscopic, Chartbeat, Adaptu, and UNICEF Design
Nº1 T-shirts for Periscopic. Nº2 Marketing illustrations for Chartbeat.
Nº3 Marketing illustration for Chartbeat. Nº4 Marketing illustration for Chartbeat.
Nº5 Illustrations for Adaptu and Unicef while at Periscopic.